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My 10 Top Tips for Remote Working from Home

There´s no doubt about it: we are in the midst of a flexible workplace revolution, more employees than ever before are working remotely. The company I work for - Nokia Networks - widely supports this mode of working and I typically work 2 days per week from my Home...

Have you considered Employee-Generated Learning yet?

Have you watched YouTube lately? And have you watched it because you were looking for a short “How-to” video? I´m the same: actually, when I became a single father, I learned washing and ironing through YouTube videos. Our employees do the same: they are no longer...

Beware of the Pitfalls when trying Gamification in your Learning Strategy

amification has become very popular in the workplace, mainly because it bosts the engagement of the learner, providing a break from all too often monotonous learning courses and trainings. By investing in gamification – which is actually using techniques similar to those used by video game designers – employees can be motivated and challenged to reach their learning goals. But be aware: gamification can also create problems if it isn’t done well. There are a few pitfalls that you need to take care of when gamifying your learning solutions:

A Better Alternative to Mandatory Trainings?

Are you open to some out-of-the-box thinking? Then I invite you to follow my idea about Next Generation Mandatory Trainings. We all know that learning is mentally taxing. So, why would we assume that people want to spend additional time learning something,...

A Clinically Proven Method to Drive Behavior Change

Discussions about “Modern Learning” are often centered around selecting the right methods or tools for training people: e-learning instead of classroom lectures, learning from smartphones, self-paced learning at the point of need, gamified learning and others. But...

Certification through Gamification

"Learning is not just for school, but for life”. Have you heard this statement before and would you agree? I would think so. But still what we do in most cases when we learn, or especially when we want to get certified: we attend a static exam, which queries only what...

Is there any Return on Investment from Gamification?

I have reported about Learning through Gamification time and again in this blog. In the meantime Nokia´s Service Delivery organization has introduced this innovative way of learning to their organization and scaled it up significantly, with now thousands of people...

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